Virtual Reality WIll Soon Become Your Reality

Virtual Reality Will Soon Become Your Reality

The Oculus Rift. The HTC Vive. The Playstation VR. All these technologies have delivered compelling virtual reality experiences via their VR goggles. But a new wave of devices are coming soon that may bring breakthrough to the mass markets. Today we’ll discuss these technologies and share why you might soon be dropping some bucks on […]


The Future of Health Tech with John Nosta

What does the future of medicine look like? Will technology help us get to Stage Zero, where we are able to identify disease and illness before it strikes? Today we welcome Digital Health Technologist John Nosta to the show as an honorary Bad Boy. You will be blown away at the depth of his knowledge […]


Deep Fakes Are Coming!

Facebook may have to pay several billion dollars in fine for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. LinkedIn introduces live video functionality. And Apple is looking for there next big move. Think we’ve already got a fake news problem? Wait until you see how deep fakes are going to take us to a whole new level of […]


Big Bucks for Bezos’ Banana

The National Enquirer is at it again, doing what the National Enquirer does. This time, threatening Jeff Bezos because they have his nude photos. A teen gets a nice payday from Apple for discovering the Facetime bug. And new emojis are soon coming your way. Rejoice! We’ve got some new apps to tell you about, […]


Facebook’s Crappy Week

China’s tech manufacturer Huawei is in big trouble. America’s social media overlords at Facebook are in big trouble. And Apple is in trouble for a serious bug in their Facetime software. The good news is we aren’t in trouble. In fact, we’re happy to welcome new listeners every day to the tech show that is […]


New Gadgets from CES 2019

Robot dogs, bioharmonic beds and an OLed TV that rolls up into it’s base. From the coolest gadgets at CES to the latest apps that will make your life easier, it’s all here on the most irreverent tech show in the world. You may even discover what a Bandersnatch is. Nope, it’s not a robotic […]


Peeling Back The Onion with Mike McAvoy

Amazon will soon be sending out a robot to deliver packages, Google assistant hits 1 billion devices, and you can now purchase a smartphone that folds in three. Stewart and Travis caught up with Mike McAvoy, CEO of top news parody site, The Onion. And I caught up with some sleep after CES. You may […]